Past Tidy Towns & Cities Winners


Beechworth, Victoria (Town Winner)

Beechworth, nestled in Victoria’s High Country, is a town of distinction. With four Victorian Tidy Town awards in 2009, 2014, 2017, 2019 and two national Tidy Towns titles, it showcases a commitment to community pride and beauty. Home to the Burke Museum, Beechworth Honey, and Bilson’s Brewery, it offers history, honey, and handcrafted beer. But not just that, The Drag’d Out Festival adds vibrancy to the cultural scene. The town is surrounded by vineyards and is a gateway to the region’s wine industry. This town, rich in history and innovation, shines brightly in Victoria’s High Country.

In May 2024, Beechworth went on to win the National Tidy Town award in Gascoyne Junction, Western Australia.

City of Merri-Bek, Victoria (City Winner)

In 2023, Merri-Bek too home the winning title for Tidy City of the year. Situated in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, is a vibrant and culturally diverse municipality. Merri-bek is making waves in a range of impactful projects, including Green My Plate, My Smart Garden, and The Bike Shed’s “Fix Your Own Bike” initiative. Additionally, for their community support through the Western Emergency Relief Network, showcasing their commitment to creating a more resilient and sustainable community. This is the second Tidy Cities win for Merri-Bek who won the award in 2013, demonstrating their commitment to a sustainable and beautiful environment.


Euroa, Victoria (Town Winner)

In 2022, Euroa, located in Strathbogie Shire, celebrated its first-ever Tidy Town win, an achievement that followed multiple awards at the 2022 Premier’s Sustainability Awards in partnership with KABV.

The residents of Euroa have worked tirelessly to enhance their local environment, implementing sustainable solutions, including recycling programs, energy-efficient initiatives, and water conservation measures, which led to them taking home four awards at the 2023 National Keep Australia Beautiful awards.

Their Tidy Towns win included a number of impressive projects and accomplishments including the Euroa Arboretum. This destination not only secured the top spot in the Thriving Environment category but also received the prestigious Premier’s Regional Recognition Award. Additionally, Euroa’s commendable energy project, led by Euroa Energy, successfully installed a solar panel on a parking pergola.

These remarkable initiatives are just a glimpse of the numerous inspiring sustainable projects underway in Euroa. They serve as a beacon of inspiration for other towns and communities, showcasing the positive results that can be attained through collaborative efforts and a shared vision.

City of Melbourne, Victoria (City Winner)

In 2022, the City of Melbourne took home the Tidy City award for the first time. Melbourne has established itself as a benchmark for urban sustainability, showcasing a commitment to creating a healthy and happy community and becoming a more environmentally conscious city. Through their dedication and forward-thinking approach, the City of Melbourne has set an inspiring example for other cities to follow in their pursuit of sustainable practices and a brighter future.

The City of Melbourne’s successful achievement in winning the Tidy City award was a result of the collaborative efforts of various organisations. Fire Rescue Victoria‘s outstanding contributions earned them the Healthy and Fair Society award, while the North Western Program Alliance was honored with the Sustainable Places and Destinations Award.


Horsham, Victoria (Town Winner)

Horsham has won the Tidy Towns Award an impressive seven times and has demonstrated exceptional commitment to environmental preservation and community engagement.

Through collaborative community and council initiatives, educational programs, and public awareness campaigns, Horsham has actively involved its residents in maintaining a tidy and sustainable environment. Their efforts have not only enhanced the aesthetics of the town but also fostered a sense of pride and resilience among its community members.

Horsham demonstrates a strong dedication to sustainability and commitment to the well-being of its residents exemplified by their remarkable achievement in winning the Community award for the exceptional Wimmera Cancer Centre. The town has also taken proactive measures to implement innovative projects, such as the Polyrok Soft Plastic Reuse initiative at the Coles Carpark, which received high commendation in the Waste category. These commendable endeavors collectively contribute to the creation of a healthier and more livable community for all members of Horsham.

City of Greater Geelong, Victoria (City Winner)

The City of Greater Geelong was crowned the Victorian Tidy City of the year award for the first time in 2021. Geelong has embraced many sustainable practices and initiatives making the city a more sustainable and livable city for all.

Greater Geelong’s attainment of the Tidy City title was the result of multiple noteworthy winning projects. The Conservation of the Hooded Plover initiative played a significant role in preserving the natural habitat of this vulnerable species through dedicated conservation efforts. Additionally, the establishment of an artificial reef as a nature-based coastal protection solution demonstrated Geelong’s commitment to safeguarding the coastal environment. The Recycled Roads project showcased Geelong’s prowess in sustainable infrastructure, prioritising the use of recycled materials in road construction. Lastly, the Zero Carbon Buildings Program underscored Geelong’s dedication to reducing carbon emissions and promoting energy-efficient practices in building design and construction. These exceptional projects collectively serve as a testament to Greater Geelong’s unwavering dedication to environmental conservation, innovative solutions, and sustainable development.


Hastings, Victoria (Towns Winner)

Hastings, located in the Mornington Peninsula Shire, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to maintaining a sustainable and healthy environment for their community and actively embraced sustainability and environmental stewardship. The town has implemented many sustainable initiatives, such as education programs, litter pick up programs and are actively working towards a healthier and happier community for all.

Hastings secured the overall title win through the remarkable accomplishments of four major projects. The Dolphin Research Institute’s i sea i care Marine Ambassadors emerged victorious in the Environment category, demonstrating their exceptional commitment to marine conservation. Harrison Hansen, a student from Westernport Secondary College, earned the well-deserved recognition of Young Legend for his outstanding contributions to environmental initiatives in Hastings.

The Mornington Peninsula Shire Youth Services received high commendation for their project Rap4Rap, which focused on promoting Indigenous culture. Similarly, A Team’s AdvanceTeam project, dedicated to tackling litter-related issues in Hastings, also earned high commendation. These winning and highly commended projects exemplify the dedication and innovative approaches of individuals and organisations within the community, as they strive to address environmental concerns and create a positive impact.

City of Monash, Victoria (City Winner)

The City of Monash has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their community through effective waste management practices, innovative recycling initiatives, and community-led programs.

Monash’s achievement in winning the Tidy City of the Year award in 2020 was attributed to several outstanding projects. They received a high commendation for the Clayton Zone Project, which showcased their dedication to creating a clean and well-maintained urban environment. Another highly commended project was the War on e-waste, which exemplified Monash’s commitment to effectively managing electronic waste and promoting responsible recycling practices. The City of Monash’s innovative Bees and Seeds kits initiative emerged as the winner, highlighting their efforts in supporting bee populations and promoting sustainable gardening practices. These projects collectively demonstrated Monash’s dedication to environmental sustainability, community engagement, and creating a cleaner and greener city for all.

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